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Founded in 1879, Swedish-based Absolut has long been internationally recognized for its unique approach to branding and creative advertising campaigns.

Today, Absolut Vodka is sold in 80 countries around the world and produces over 400,000 bottles of vodka per day. The brand has become a global industry leader and household name. 

Starting a digital conversation

After many years of success with print and billboard ads, Absolut recognized its consumer base becoming increasingly more active in digital channels.

The time had come for Absolut to modernize its customer engagement strategies by paying more attention their online channels.

Built on momentum

Increasing agility and expediting the delivery of content were the biggest goals for Absolut’s global marketing team.

Things change quickly in marketing, says Fredrik Lagerträd, Manager, Digital Development at the Absolut Company. With traditional infrastructure hosting and service level agreements, it can take up to five days for changes to the website to take effect. But something might happen today that we want to talk about. How do we get that content out now?

Having partnered with Episerver for many years, Absolut saw an opportunity to take advantage of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver’s new end-to-end platform for creating and managing content, commerce, and enterprise search functionality. By moving their sites to the cloud, Absolut would be better positioned to build entirely new websites with new sets of capabilities without the work. 

We can now launch a new site in minutes rather than days.

More agile than ever before

We can now launch a new site in minutes rather than days, and because the solution scales dynamically to meet our needs, overall performance has improved significantly, says Fredrik Lagerträd.

With Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, they’ve gone from 25 servers to zero - eliminating the time-consuming work and cost of configuring and managing servers. With the ability to quickly launch new and inspiring campaigns, Episerver has also enabled their team to deepen their connections with existing customers and expand their reach to new ones.

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