Easily manage merchandising campaigns

Episerver Campaign Management allows merchandisers to easily create, preview and publish campaigns. Use real-time data to develop simple or complex campaigns, with targeted promotions and a wide variety of discount types. Setting your revenue goals and measuring the results has never been easier.

Maximize market opportunities

Are you trying to strengthen your market channels by organizing and acting on real-time data? Want to increase sales during non-peak periods? Do you have an inventory of merchandise to move?

Use Episerver Campaign Management, which has an easy-to-use interface for merchandisers that is designed to boost their marketing abilities. You can produce creative campaigns while setting revenue goals and measuring progress. Campaigns can be used for specific markets for local needs or everywhere you do business.

  • Extremely easy to use - an optimized experience for merchandisers.
  • Configure goals and targets for your specific needs.
  • Easily create targeted promotions with a wide variety of discount types.
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Episerver Digital Commerce

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Episerver benefits for campaigns

  • Find new trends

    Sell using real-time data to interpret buying trends and increase new opportunities.

  • Increase channel effectiveness

    Strategically utilize campaigns to strengthen and grow meaningful channels.

  • Targeted promotions

    Increase sales activity during non-peak time periods by offering incentives to buy now.

Campaign efficiency across brands and markets

Having a super flexible commerce platform is very important because many of our brands are campaign-based. Episerver is a solution for a company that wants to grow.

Claire Sharp Sundt, Project Manager Digital Media, Varner Group