Attract and engage the membership audience

Curate the precise experience of content, product and buying journeys that inspire your audience and maximize their value.

Raise engagement with commerce for Nonprofits

  • Curate the member journey

    Curate the precise experience of content, product and buying journeys that inspire your audience and maximize their value.

  • Manage the member base

    Manage a growing member base with self service for articles, physical and digital goods, events, memberships and other fees.

  • Create new experiences

    Bring the organization together to collaborate around new experiences and services in a goal-oriented way.

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Episerver Digital Commerce

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Simplify the customer journey with Episerver

Episerver makes it easy to deliver an engaging, friction-free experience to your customers. From first contact through to conversion and customer service. Find out how.


  • User-focused communities with social content bring new visitors with the same interest to follow, contribute and purchase from your organization.
  • Provide rich experiences with vivid media at the fastest speed, everywhere your customer engages, from research to purchasing.
  • Use the most flexible and collaborative campaign tools to create new experiences and acquire new customers.



  • Capture leads and sales of physical and digital goods, fees, e-books, training courses and more in a single experience, on a single platform.
  • Service customers through all devices with a highly personalized experience based on their preferences and behavior-based interests.
  • Optimize using testing tools focused on multiple conversion goals in a single experience.


  • Manage your membership base through digital-first experiences that improve operational efficiencies at the same time.
  • Use flexible social tools to bring customers to a single community to engage with others in the same interest group.
  • Provide ongoing value, inspiration and education for your customers to maintain their interest over time.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2017

Episerver, a global provider of a single platform to smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud, has again been acknowledged in the report. Gartner recognized Episerver for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Give members a sense of community

For most nonprofits, engaging members is key to growth, but also one of the perks of membership. With a vibrant online community and user-generated content, you will keep members engaged and provide added benefits to them.

Episerver’s rich social API offers the perfect tools to build an engaging community, and to efficiently manage and moderate content. It offers support for ratings and reviews for products, as well as member groups and activity streams. Since it’s fully cloud enabled, it adapts to the needs of your organization – whether it’s a few thousand members or a few million.

Features for successful non-profits

  • Product Search

    Helping your customers find the products most relevant to them - with the ability to quickly filter, sort and search - gives them a better experience.

  • Campaign Management

    Campaigns can be focused on discounts while using specific criteria to control the status and targeting of customer segments. This helps you manage and organize marketing activities and measure campaign goals.

  • A/B Testing

    Episerver’s A/B testing provides a guided testing experience for the commerce marketer so that the most effective messaging and product information is presented to website visitors.